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I’m a senior technical leader with demonstrated product savvy and proven experience in growing teams, growing people, identifying high-value problems, and conceiving and delivering impactful, innovative solutions. I have a knack for blending strategy, technology, people, and process to achieve remarkable results.

Swarmia #


January 2023 - Present

Field CTO

Leveraging my developer productivity experience to help guide Swarmia customers in their engineering effectiveness journey. Working closely with Product, Sales, Marketing, and the CEO/Founder to guide strategy and tactics. Author, with Otto Hilska, of Build: Elements of an Effective Software Organization.

Stripe #


December 2020 – December 2022

Engineering Manager

Established and grew the JavaScript Infrastructure team from zero to 10. Delivered multiple developer productivity and experience improvements, including step-change improvements in development cycle time, and a multi-million-line conversion of Flow.js code to TypeScript. Hired a new manager to focus on JS Infra while I started a new Engineering Success team in the Developer Productivity org, focused on understanding and improving the cross-cutting experience of doing software engineering at Stripe. Developed the “paper cuts” program, implemented the SPACE framework, and drove an overall user-centered approach to internal tooling. Worked closely with senior leadership to identify and understand productivity challenges using data-driven approaches.

Indeed #

Austin, TX (on-site and remote)

February 2016 – November 2020

Senior Technical Product Manager

Senior Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Secured VP support to form the Front-End Core organization to develop and own a comprehensive suite of modern front-end capabilities, and proceeded to drive business impact and platform-wide technical improvement and innovation during a period of significant company growth. My organization eventually comprised five teams on two continents with more than 30 cross-functional team members, and several engineering managers who reported to me. Together, we:

Coaching & Mentoring #

Bazaarvoice #

Austin, TX (remote and on-site)

February 2013 – January 2016

Senior Staff Software Engineer

Staff Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Bocoup #

Boston, MA (remote)

April 2012 – December 2012

Engineering Training Consultant

Developed new curriculum for teaching JavaScript beginners, overhauled the jQuery Fundamentals learning site to provide an interactive learning experience, and created presentations and training material around the subject of writing testable JavaScript. Helped develop a conference focused on JavaScript training content, and developed a JavaScript coaching product aimed at clients who need ongoing JavaScript support.

Toura Mobile #

New York, NY (remote)

November 2010 – April 2012

Guided the design and implementation of a client-side framework for developing content-rich, offline-capable mobile applications inside a PhoneGap wrapper.

Before That #

I began my professional career on the night news desk at a small newspaper in western New York. I learned perl to automate mindless tasks, and left in 2001. I was a bartender for the next 18 months before getting on a bicycle and riding, alone, from Maine to North Carolina, camping along the way.

In North Carolina, I waitressed until I landed a job at an advertising agency, where I was heavily involved in their fledgling web efforts. In 2006, I joined a local web agency, where I made a lot of banner ads and suggested we might use JavaScript instead of Flash. In 2008, I moved to a startup that laid off most of its staff five months later. I spent the next couple of years speaking at conferences, co-hosting the yayQuery podcast, earning my pilot's license, and building a lucrative front-end consulting business with the 2008 MacBook Pro the startup gave me as my severance.

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