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Pausing Office Hours

4 Aug 2015 edit

I started doing office hours at the beginning of the year; it's been tremendous fun, super eye-opening, and just generally quite rewarding. I won't lie: it's also been a lot of time, especially the first few weeks when I terribly underestimated how many people would sign up.

I was out for dinner with a friend tonight and she asked me how it was going, and I had to pause for a second when I realized that we might not be sitting there, right then, if she hadn't signed up for a slot. Things like that -- and getting to see, on stage, speakers who trusted me with their talk idea months ago -- make me super-glad that I let (mostly) strangers put 30 minutes on my calendar a couple-few dozen times these last few months. Hopefully I helped a few people along the way too.

In the last couple of weeks I've started a new role at Bazaarvoice: after a few months of working on some fairly independent projects, I'm back to leading a team. I used to get a kick out of being the female lead of an otherwise-all-male team; now I'm honored and humbled to get to work with a team where I am one of five women. The ratio isn't quite 50-50, but it's closer than any team I've worked on before. It's also the first lead role I've had where my responsibilities span beyond the front end, a prospect both exciting and daunting.

Which is to say: My hands seem a bit fuller than they did back when I started office hours, so for now, it's time to hit the pause button while I focus on my new team. If you're interested in picking up where I left off, hit me up and I'm happy to spread the word.