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Office Hours for Aspiring Speakers

11 Jan 2015 edit

Update: Office hours are on hold for now while I settle into a new role at Bazaarvoice.

I'm expecting that my 2015 is going to include a bit less speaking than in years past, so I'm hoping I can use some of that newly available time to help new speakers find their way to the stage. To that end, I'm kicking off "office hours" this week: a few slots a week where aspiring and up-and-coming speakers can borrow my ear for a bit to talk about their ideas, their fears, their questions, and their ambitions.

This idea isn't mine; I was inspired by a similar effort by Jen Myers, who has been offering mentoring sessions to aspiring speakers since 2013. I'm forever indebted to the folks who helped me get through my first talk, and I've been honored to give a gentle nudge to several other speakers in the years since.

If you're interested, you can sign up here. There's no script or agenda, and -- at least to start with -- I'm not going to try to suggest who should or shouldn't sign up. If you think it would be useful to you, go for it! My only ask is that you be seriously interested in giving coherent, informative, engaging talks on technical topics.