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Functionality-Focused Code Organization

17 Oct 2010 edit

I spoke yesterday at the 2010 Boston jQuery Conference about "Functionality-Focused Code Organization." It was a presentation that summarized a year of thinking about organizing JavaScript applications, and I think it went fairly well. It was a treat to see so many people nodding in understanding and agreement out in the audience, and to talk to people afterwards who have thought about and struggled with these same problems.

  • Slides (Note that you can download a PDF there if you'd prefer not to view the slides on SlideShare)

I had one person come up to me afterwards who really left an impression -- I don't recall his name (I am perfectly terrible with names), but what he said was that he came from a background of developing desktop applications, and that the concepts I talked about in fact made perfect sense to him. I think this is important to remember -- the ideas that I talked about aren't new or novel at all, but really just long-established patterns of developing applications, adapted to fit in the world of JavaScript and the browser. I don't come from a CS background at all -- I came to this whole JavaScript thing via HTML and CSS, with a tiny smattering of programming mixed in -- and so I've arrived at a lot of this things the hard way. It's gratifying to hear people tell me I've gotten it right, and if anything, it makes me want to get the word out to all the people who are in the same shoes as I was not that long ago.

Finally: A big thanks to the jQuery team, and especially Leah Silber, for putting on the conference. I know it's hard work, and I know there were some bumps (there always are!), but as a speaker, I feel like I've been treated very well, which means a lot. Thanks, guys.