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TXJS: JS + BBQ + You

18 Mar 2010 edit

If you follow me on Twitter, you've heard about TXJS by now, but let me tell you: now that we've announced Douglas Crockford and John Resig, there is officially no way you should miss this. TXJS is a full-day conference set for June 5 in Austin, Texas, hosted by the yayQuery team and featuring BBQ and a slew of awesome JavaScripters:

  • Brandon Aaron, jQuery team member
  • Tim Caswell, Node.js contributor and founder of howtonode.org
  • Douglas Crockford, JavaScript architect at Yahoo! and author of "JavaScript: The Good Parts"
  • Andrew Dupont, Prototype core team member
  • Peter Higgins, Dojo project lead
  • Paul Irish, jQuery team member and yayQuery podcast co-host
  • Brian LeRoux, software architect at Nitobi and PhoneGap hacker/contributor
  • Joe McCann, senior technologist at Frog Design
  • John Resig, creator of the jQuery JavaScript library
  • Alex Sexton, front-end developer and yayQuery podcast co-host
  • Kyle Simpson, Austin JS organizer and author of LABjs
  • Adam Sontag, jQuery UI developer relations team member and yayQuery podcast co-host
  • Mike Taylor, HTML5 aficionado and front-end developer at Tunecore
  • Juriy Zaytsev (aka @kangax), expert JavaScript wrangler and Prototype core developer

Earlybird tickets are just $49 while they last, and regular tickets are just $69, which is about as close to free as we could get. See you there!