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In case you thought IE6 was going away

11 Dec 2007 edit

Microsoft has released yet another version (the third, I think) of their timebombed XP/IE6 image for use with their Virtual PC Console. (Why they keep timebombing it is a mystery to me -- it's as if they think one of these days, approximately six months from whenever they release a new version, there won't be a need for IE6 testing anymore.)

I have not a single kind word for IE6, and about the best I can say about IE7 is that a) it sucks less than IE6 and b) some proprietary software I have to use for client work crashes a bit less often in it than in Firefox. That said, both IE6 and IE7 are a fact of life, and it's also a fact of life that Microsoft saw fit to ensure that you can't easily run both side-by side -- which is why you have this whole Virtual PC setup. If you can get the Virtual Machine Additions, Shared Networking, and Shared Folders all to work (at the same time, if you're lucky!), then this is a decent kludge to let you test your sites in IE6.