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Software without which I'd be hard-pressed to do my job

5 Dec 2007 edit

  • vim A sophisticated text editor with no GUI -- everything is text-based, and all commands are issued from the keyboard. Frightening at first, and then so ridiculously efficient that nothing else makes sense.
  • Firefox Great in and of itself, and the ability to add extensions makes it priceless.
  • Firebug One of said Firefox extensions -- as Marcus said recently, it's hard to imagine how Web 2.0 would have happened without it. The Inspect function, the console, the Net view ... without it I'd be utterly lost.
  • Filezilla I booted up an old computer of mine and found an FTP client I think I had to either pay for or steal, and it wasn't half as good as this. I wish it had bookmarks for moving around servers easily ... alas.
  • Pidgin All my instant messaging personas in one application, with pounces, fine-grained status control and logging. Plus: file transfers seem to work better now. Woo.
  • cygwin In an alternate universe, I get to use a Mac. Until that alternate reality arrives, cygwin gives me the power of the terminal in Windows. These days, I always have at least one cygwin window open most of the time, because sometimes, things are just easier on the command line.